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Nov 6, 2012 4:00pm PST
boston. let's begin with ken in chicago with president obama's campaign. >> reporter: this is where president obama will be tonight to hold what his supporters hope will be a victory speech. let's take a quick look at the venue. this is where the president will take to the stage with his family and that of vice president joe biden. what time he makes an appearance depends on the time of the returns. there are seats here for thousands of the president's supporters, most of them will be campaign volunteers, a few of whom president obama thanked this morning when he made a surprise visit to a field office in chicago. he even cold called. >> is this annie? hi, this is barack obama. how are you in i'm doing -- you know... [ laughter ] >> i don't think she knows it's me. >> my name was barack obama. you know, the president of the united states. how are you? you know, can i just say, you were really polite to me when you didn't know who i was. that's so nice. >> reporter: as you can see, it was light work for president obama on this election day afternoon. he even played a game of basketba
Nov 6, 2012 11:00pm PST
>> there you have it, the victory speech by president obama and joe biden and his family. the president said he is returning to the white house for four more years. he returns more determined than ever to tackle the problems of this nation. he said he spoke to governor romney and congratulated him. he said the family has chosen to give back and it is a legacy that we honor tonight. that was the work done by the romney family. this was a speech filled with campaign workers, campaign volunteers the president said this is the best campaign team and volunteers in the history of politics after his victory tonight, it may be hard to argue the case other wise. the president said -- tried to lay an optimistic tone. we have a war that ended and a war that will soon end. this was an expensive campaign. as much as the excitement is here tonight, it is worth noting that we have a president returning to office and a senate still being held by the democrat, the house being held by a republican. to think a division in washington where we have seen, a cooperation between those groups ove
Nov 6, 2012 7:00pm PST
night event. here in chicago. those invited are -- those that the obama campaign workers who live in chicago. chicago campaign workers but they volunteer to travel to neighboring swing states to campaign in the final day. that effort earned them a ticket here tonight. they are watching the returns come in and with them is a top democrat, the topical cal democrat, the attorney general. she said it's more important to get out the vote. . >> there is in ohio last election cycle we won by five votes per precinct. every vote matters. to vote is to express one's voice. so at this point i want to encourage everybody to get out and vote and then we can talk about how much we enjoyed the celebration later. >> reporter: of course in addition to the big question of who will win the other question is when will we know? talk to the campaign here they say they believe it'll be a long night. they believe we will have the answer to who will win this contest by tomorrow morning. chicago ken pritchett. ktvu. >> as we said polls closed in several more states just moments ago. >> ken wayne and hea
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3